It’s not easy to explain how a complex product works, especially when it has many features. That’s why we decide to put together a short video explainer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2wVUgoGzsg

It’s all done by Tomáš Carda (http://www.tomascarda.com/). We asked him for a statement about this explainer and here it is:

Siesta Cloud came to me with a simple task – create an explanatory video which shows the main benefits of our product. My goal was to come up with a strong and easily recognizable visual style which can also communicate the benefits in a simple and straightforward way.

Because the Siesta Cloud service aims to a wide audience and not only technically skilled people, the visual style should be cute and appealing. On the other way, the service itself is very modern and hi-tech, so I wanted to visualize this aspect throughout the whole video as well. I guess I can say that the final visual style is both appealing and hi-tech and suits very well to the service.

The second goal was to create the animation seamless, so the viewer has a feeling that using the service is similarly easy and straightforward.

I would like to thank Siesta Cloud team for wonderful co-operation. It was a pleasure to work with them on this project and I wish them great success with their product.

Do you like our explainer video? From our point of view, Tomáš did a great job. Leave a comment here or on our Youtube page. We would appreciate your feedback.

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