Technology growth has significantly changed the travel industry. In recent years, only a few companies, like Booking.com, Airbnb, and Expedia, have established a monopoly in this trillion-dollar market. This centralized approach leads to monotone content and prevents the industry from evolving.

Nowadays, accommodation facilities are built and customized to fit the average tourist. This kind of centralized service assumes that customers are not interested in anything beyond accommodations and therefore do not value uniqueness. This leads to subversive host/hoteliers and their staff perceive guests as uninterested mass of people resulting in alienation.

How we can change this situation? In this article, we want to describe potential use cases of implementing new technologies that allows us to build up valuable and meaningful relationships between companies and customers, hosts and travellers.

1. Surfing Activities

There are so many places on the Earth where you can surf. However, the community around surfing activities all over the world is disconnected from each other. Some cities are better for surfing than others because of the many factors, such as availability of courses for beginners, pros, wind patterns, tide schedules, trains, and many others.

Siesta Cloud opens a door to a highly personalized search, where surfing enthusiasts can be sure about their choice and get the experience that they actually look for.

2. Sustainable Travel Experience

Climate change is the biggest threat we face. Sadly, it is not easy to travel without a carbon footprint. Still, it is important to find new ways to travel that are less harmful or even carbon neutral.

Tourism can be not only entertaining but also can support the maintenance of ecology and offer people travelling without harming nature. Travellers need to be more aware of the current ecological situation while travelling. Additionally, keeping in mind that travelling affects locals in many harming ways.

Eventually, Siesta Cloud supports the sustainable travel community. Nowadays, people can easily search and choose to travel in the most sustainable way.

So, how actually Siesta Cloud will support the travellers that prefer eco-friendly travelling?

Imagine this. All travel-related companies that offer sustainable travelling are connected with each other. For example, choosing sustainable transportation from one city to another, travellers will be introduced to the sustainable accommodation options and activities that can be experienced in that city. The whole chain of sustainable travel will be covered and personalized for a particular traveller. Therefore, travellers will have a feeling that you care about them as well as about the environment, introducing more advanced customizable solutions. This is what Siesta Cloud offering.

For example, as a company, running an eco-friendly accommodation facility, you can easily get listed on eco-friendly travel portals running on Siesta Cloud. Moreover, you can highlight your effort connected with sustainability, to do that you can add attributes like solar panels, bio garden, recycling grey water and so on and people which are interested in this kind of ecologic improvement will find their way to you. There can be more eco-friendly portals where one will be focusing on wind power and others will be curated by some non-profit eco-related organizations that will handpick eco farms that are caring about biodiversity.

3. Art Programs

There are no curated travel programs for art people around the globe. Easily create customisable websites via our system and connect with different travel industry players.

Moreover, various hoteliers are also art lovers they enchant their rooms with collections of pictures or statues. The portal which would provide all art boutique hotels in one spot would be great from travelers who are seeking art. They could filter properties by their art styles like pop-art, cubism or impressionism.

4. Rafting Activities

The whole journey for choosing a suitable rafting experience can be quite complicated. Siesta Cloud makes adventure travellers’ lives easier by enabling a smooth planning feature, from choosing the convenient pick-up place to offering correct equipment for rafting experiences that will suit your sizes. Imagine, you can do this all with only one tool. No need to communicate with 5 different people that are responsible for different parts of the experience.

Siesta Cloud allows the creation of specific user journeys by partnering with other travel companies in the travel ecosystem.

5. Buddhism Meditation Retreats

Personalized travel portals offering religion-focused tours and activities is a new way of showing that you actually care about your customers. Creating unique experiences for your customers, offering them to choose special Buddhism-related activities, such as meditation retreats, yoga, wellness tours, accommodations, areas that more connected with Buddhism and spiritual awakening.

Siesta Cloud enables the creation of various community portals specialized in different religious, where independent religion-focused providers can offer their services and highlight their uniqueness. Now you can meet like-minded people even if you want to simply book accommodation.

6. Snorkelling Experience

There are plenty of articles about the World’s best snorkelling destinations that don’t provide any proof or real reviews by customers who actually tried that experience.

In the digital era, choosing qualitative and suitable experiences can be always time-consuming, but with the new features that will centralize all real user-generated reviews, powered and checked by machine learning, can be a huge relief for customers.

Moreover, there can be created various community portals specialized in snorkelling. Independent providers can offer their services and highlight their unique features, like accessibility to corals, jellyfish, mantas, etc.

7. Digital Detoxification

Another newest trend is travelling without any digital devices. Can you imagine the difficulty of planning this kind of trip?

Finding the right spots and accommodations that will support travelers’ desire to survive without any digital devices. From choosing transportation to sightseeing.

We believe in building the travel industry of the future.

Siesta Cloud allows travel companies to apply advanced personalized features on their websites without any development.

Besides, you can easily preset the reviews by like-minded people on your portal that will support your community and create a transparent environment.

We’ve built up a new Spotify for the travel industry players. Siesta Cloud is an ecosystem, where you can build up and contribute unique offers to the travellers that prefer a personal approach over the generic one. Let’s change the game today.

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