There is a way to disrupt a traditional market dominated by major huge corporate companies.

Recently, we have onboarded the first accommodation of Prague Stay to the decentralized Winding Tree marketplace. It is a game-changing step for all hotel and accommodation industry.


Winding Tree is a decentralized marketplace that anyone can use. It is an open-source ecosystem of smart contracts, interoperable API standards, and harmonized data structures that enable decentralized distribution and discovery of travel products and services.In other words, it’s a marketplace with a group of individuals that are gathering with the intent of buying and selling goods. Since Winding Tree uses Ethereum, all individuals are represented by Ethereum accounts.It’s useful for every single travel players because they can quickly connect to thousands of suppliers, and it’s great for the suppliers because thousands of OTAs and TMCs can now access and buy their products and services.


If you want to check out our presence there, enter these codes via this link :
Siesta Cloud – 0xD1cb150B6845FD5704206de5Cf387f05ABD21689
Prague Stay – 0xd5DED84534e0eedb53b3ecA32c14BA674C44daDB


At Siesta Cloud, we support all our clients with the new technologies, where they can be up-to-date with innovations and get the best out of it.One of the benefits of working with us is connecting to the decentralized platform. Check out all processes and services here:

Shared Inventory Overview

Integration Processes with Siesta Cloud

Let’s connect! Text me via knarik.avanesyan@siesta.cloud or leave the comment down below.

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