An opportunity for everybody who wants create own video portal. 

Siesta Cloud is coming up with another innovative project in the field of shared digital technology, which continues to stick to the essential vision – to provide an accessible platform to clients from various industries and help them bring their project to life. Siesta Cloud’s mission is to continually improve digital products to help communities easily connect and build an open market. This time it’s about sharing videos. Would you like your own portal similar to Netflix? 

We know what you’re thinking, there are countless video portals on the Internet. On current platforms, however, videos are difficult to monetize, there is no possibility to sell tickets and at the same time the viewer is disturbed by confusing content and ads. Siesta Cloud thus breaks down barriers and old standards. Thanks to the new platform from Siesta Cloud, anyone can be the operator of a quality video portal.



4 main advantages of the Siesta Cloud Video Portal

Distributed management

The biggest domain and innovation of the Siesta Cloud Video Portal is that you don’t have to upload all the content to your portal by your own, but you can invite your friends and other members of the community to upload their work and sell tickets on it. 

Promote your brand and advertising

Sharing your videos will increase your reach and open up to new opportunities.


Sell videos and monetize your work. All sales are backed by Digital Rights Management, which primarily aims to ensure that the content is used in accordance with copyright. 

Use the latest technologies

Whether you want to share edited video in 4K quality, or you would like to stream live to virtual reality, the so-called 360 ° VR live stream, put on your glasses and go for it!

The Video portal from Siesta Cloud can be used by different types of communities. From yoga studios to e-shops to cultural shows. Popular projects are, for example, online broadcasts of concerts by popular music groups, not only during a pandemic.

4 Unique Features of the Siesta Cloud Video Portal

Live stream

Record an online stream of your event for your community.

360° VR live stream

Put on virtual reality glasses and watch in real time what a 360 ° camera captures from anywhere in the world in excellent quality.

Admission system

You can decide for yourself whether to share the video for free, in the form of a contribution, or a fixed amount.

With the Video Portal from Siesta Cloud, projects such as www.kulturadoma.cz, www.premi.voxpot.cz or www.flowbaba.com have excellent experience.

The Siesta Cloud team is constantly working on new features and enhancements that will be even more user-friendly. As the CEO of Siesta Cloud, Mikoláš Belec says: “We are just getting started.”

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