About the Flowbaba project

In response to crisis due the coronavirus pandemic, artists have been forced to move to the online environment. They have been looking for aways to stay in touch with their audience even in such difficult conditions. The community marketplace from Siesta Cloud, which easily allows communities to create an online environment, was the perfect choice for the Flowbaba project. The Flowbaba platform is primarily educational field and shares artistic activities and events in yoga, dance and circus.

How does it work?

Flowbaba is a marketplace powered by Siesta Cloud, which is freely accessible for everyone who wants to live-stream, showcase, or sell their workshops or performances. Artists decides and has ability to choose whether to share the content to the public for free or for a fee using our features.


4 Steps to Onboard to the Flowbaba Platform 

  1. Register. The performer goes through a simple registration process.
  2. Schedule for an event or activity. The performer schedules the live-stream or an event to sell his online or offline performances.
  3. Set up pricing. The performer sets the price for the events or activities offended.
  4. Publish an event or activity. The last and the final point it the launch of the broadcast. 
The audience watch the video in real time or buy ticket for offline events. They can comment on the performance and communicate with artists. 

The experience of the artist Vojta Stolbenko

The audience watch the video in real time or buy ticket for offline events. They can comment on the performance and communicate with artists. 

The pandemic has affected a lot of professions. The restrictions impacted the artwork intensively, it was a right time to find a way how to allow the audience to watch their favorite artists online. The Siesta Cloud team has sympathy for artistic activities and communities, the Flowbaba project was created with enjoyment.

“There was not suitable marketplace generator where it would be possible to centralize live performances of us artists in one place and enable the ticket sales at the same time” talented artist and musician Vojta Stolbenko says.

“What I found the most sympathetic about the whole vision of the community portal is that it helps community websites where users directly support artists and projects of their choice. It is not like on social media, where the main goal is enrich the social network itself. It seems like the difference between commercial mall and farmer’s market. The farmer’s market may offer a range in smaller quantities than mall, but  it is in better quality and it is fair trade. As a professional artist, I know how important it is for the survival of an independent culture to help develop smaller, community-based projects and organizations that allow artists to create freely. I perceive community marketplaces like Flowbaba or Kultura Doma as a projects with a noble purpose that not only helps artists to earn a living out of what they are doing but also try to point out that social media like Facebook are not everything and that it is sometimes worth leaving the computer or television and going to the theater. It worth to start looking for and sharing culture elsewhere – somewhere where the culture does not only serve as a tool to enrich big corporations.” Vojta Stolbenko shares his experience.


Case Study: Festa del Fuoco: The Scattered Show

On June 14, 2020 the festival ‘Festa del Fuoco: The Scattered Show’ took place on the Flowbaba marketplace. The festival has been held since 2008, when it was established on the Italian island Stromboli with the stratovolcano of the same name.

The festival is mainly about meeting circus artists, dancers, musicians, but also for example for costume designers. For the first time since the festival was established, the show did not take place on the Italian island but online, from various places around the world and Flowbaba was there.

At the time of the pandemic, artists were out of work and now the Festa del Fuoco association lack funds from the cancelled festival. In the form of a contribution on the Flowbaba platform, the public had a change to contribute to the continuation of this traditional island festival and support artists who lost their way of livelihood due the pandemic.

If you want to join Siesta Cloud’s fast-growing Flowbaba platform and share online broadcasts of your performances and workshops with your audience of students, visit https://flowbaba.com/ and register there yourself.

In case you are considering to upgrade your community, like the Flowbaba founders did, book a demo at our website here https://siesta.cloud/book-demo/ explore the marketplace opportunities that we offer to make your community stronger.

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