About us

Building the future of the travel industry.

Our Mission

Technologies have enabled various transformations across all industries, including the travel and accommodation industries. We are providing a robust infrastructure to help businesses connect and grow. Similarly to how blockchain is transforming the world of cryptocurrencies, we expect such a transformation in the realm of travel and accommodation. We are confident that a user-friendly platform utilizing blockchain will be the catalyst needed to liberate the industry and bring overdue change.

Support Communities

We want to help various communities by providing easy-to-use tools to focus on advancing their core business goals, and not wasting time with software development.


Centralization leads to high fees, lack of innovation, and closed data. We believe that decentralized services are more versatile. Not only because it creates natural competition, which brings lower costs to the consumer, but also has a positive effect on innovation, and brings service diversity.


We don't just want to help our clients, we want them to be profitable. As a crowdfunded project, we provide opportunities to anyone who wants to invest or use their skills.


We will gather feedback from our communities to develop new features and methodologies. We want to bring the future closer to our customers. Our background is in the travel industry and we will work directly with our community to innovate and push new ideas.

Implement blockchain

For each blockchain project, there are two key points: To make it economically sustainable and to expand customer-base. We are cooperating with our partners on blockchain research and development to reach our vision.


The world is rapidly evolving and it's hard to keep track of all the trends. One of our goals is to educate our clients in accommodation, travel, blockchain and associated technologies. We want to liberate our clients from legacy systems and inefficient methodologies.

Our Team


Mikolas Belec

Chief Executive Officer
Former programmer and hotel manager. The CEO and CTO of Siesta Holding companies and a consultant in business architecture and software.

Jan Lamser

Strategy and Business Advisor
Former member of Board of Directors of ČSOB, guarantor of the Czech Fintech Association, Vice-Chairman of the Czech Academy of Science’s Institute of Computer Science.

Otakar Kral

Financial and Business Advisor
Former CFO and member of Board of Directors of T-Mobile Czech Republic. More than 20 years of experience within Deutsche Telekom Group in various managerial positions.
gabi portrait

Gabriel Dusil

Marketing and Business Advisor
Gabriel is a sales and marketing expert with over 25 years in senior positions at Motorola, VeriSign, SecureWorks, and Cognitive Security.
“We’re super excited about this one. We have the first adapter for Winding Tree made by someone other than us.”
Marina Berezovska
Winding Tree