5 Main Challenges of the Travel Industry and Its I...

The rise of internet technologies and services in the past 15 years has significantly changed the travel industry. Throughout the years, only a few companies have established a monopolistic position in this trillion-dollar market. They created elaborated ecosystems that are centralized and have moved away from the most important aspects of the ecosystem — the

Travel Tech for Digital Nomads: Interview with Mat...

We are happy to announce our partnership with Nomadic6 that will be one of the first portals launched on Siesta Cloud. In this article, Matthew Young, CEO & Co-Founder at Nomadic6 , will share with us his thoughts about the upcoming changes in the travel industry and how the technology changed the game.

How the shared economy will support educational in...

Managing universities or schools is extremely complicated and pricey. Mainly, all state educational institutions get whole financial support from the government. But still, many of these institutions need more financial support in order to increase the quality of education.

Siesta Cloud — Explainer Video

It's not easy to explain how a complex product works, especially when it has many features. That's why we decide to put together a short video explainer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2wVUgoGzsg

Winding Tree Hackathon Report

As we wrote in the last article, we attended the Winding Tree #HackTravel hackathon which took place from 3rd to 5th July 2019 in Lisbon, Portugal. Sintra and West coast road trip We booked our flights two days before the HackTravel, to explore part of Portugal. We rented a car for a day and visited the

Siesta Cloud & Winding Tree Tutorial

We are attending the Winding Tree Hackathon and we have decided to give temporary access to our test environment and provide a walkthrough for all who would like to use our portal to connect to Winding Tree.

Siesta cloud is going to HackTravel Lisbon

Siesta Cloud will be attending HackTravel 2019 from July 3rd to 5th which is hosted by the Winding Tree in Lisbon, Portugal. We are working really hard to have our platform ready for this event.

Siesta.cloud – new website

In the last few months, we worked really hard and besides getting closer to our first live portals we also polished our website. You can check our goals, technology, solutions and overall description of our company on siesta.cloud Travel Portals Create a travel portal with Siesta Cloud solution. Minimal investment costs, free updates, and distributed

Siesta Cloud — the Winner of Winding Tree Hackat...

Siesta Cloud team participated in Winding Tree Hackathon in October 2018. 100 Attendees 60 Hackers 12 Project Submissions Too many energy drinks and beers  And we won the first prize in one of the categories! Well done guys! What have we worked on? .NET library adapter between winding tree platform and hotel booking networks. Mikoláš

Phangan Explorer and Koh Space are our new busines...

We look for new business partners all over the World to help us to create a better environment for the travel industry. We are happy to announce that Siesta Cloud has partnered up with Phangan Explorer and Koh Space. Both companies are located on stunning Koh Phangan Island of Thailand. Phangan Explorer is an ultimate