Answers to the most important questions

Before starting the project, identify your business model in order to reach valuable
outcomes, such as community growth, social impact, funds, and others.

Where to source content?

Where to source content?

Build up your network for you particular community that will help you attract more content creators to your marketplace.

How to attract audiences?

How to attract audiences?

Seek for feedback if your community is actually interested in your video or travel portal. Communicate about your project to wider online communities.

Is it really worth it?

Is it really worth it?

It's essential to identify the goals that you want to reach before the launch. What will be the main focus that will inspire and drive your growth?

How to deal with growth activities to reach the best results


It is essential to define your target audiences.

Idea Validation

Communicate the idea to everyone you know. Ask for a feedback.

PR & Communication

Identify how you will be promoting your project.

Growth Strategy

It is important to establish a growth strategy for at least next few years.

Added Values

Define your unique selling propositions. Why it will be you who will succeed?

Execution Capacities

It’s important to allocate your time as it will require at least a month before organic growth.

How you want to make a profit?

Choose your marketplace pricing wisely
as it will influence every further step.


Onboarding Strategy

Build your portal, focusing only on community growth.

4-8 %

Growth Strategy

Set low fees to get more people onboard - support community and earn. 

8-20 %

Monetization Strategy

Set higher fees and earn more money after 6-8 months of other strategies.