How it works

Build your own startup with just an idea and project promotion, we will do the rest!

Come up with an idea

Come up with an idea

Emerge an amazing idea for a ticket, travel, or video portal.

Launch & work hard

Launch & work hard

Get a support from us with launching the product.

Grow your project

Grow your project

Get a traction to your portal and aim for the constant growth.

About incubator

We were working hard on Siesta Cloud product, and now it's possible to use it for various purposes. In general, different types of the data can be onboarded to the administration by various parties, and from this data can be created cross-selling portals.

Now we would like to share the possibility with you and help you launch your own Netflix-like video portal, your small Airbnb or niche ticket portal for the content of your choice and support your community or idea!

Describe idea

1. Invent your idea based on one of our products and aply via form.

2. We will review the idea and give you feedback from our side. If idea is selected, we will contact you about the particular next steps.


3. Several meetups or calls will be organized with us to support the establishment of idea, brand, tools and more.

4. The portal will be created from our side and we will be investing 1000 € to the marketing to support the growth of your project.

5. We will ask you to promote the portal and help onboard the content. If the portal will get the traction we will share the profit & equity with you, and establish new company for you!

What can we offer

Being part of the Siesta Cloud incubator open doors to various benefits which will help you on your journey.

Business & Mentoring

Leading experts will provide not only legal, financial, marketing and HR advice, but also strategic planning and traction boost.

Financial Investment

We will make a first investment to run your idea. After that we will support the growth and build up the community.

Individual Approach

We understand your needs and create a customized plan for the specific challenges your project might face.

Tech Support

Your project will be supported by technology, dev team and various awesome tools.

Office Space

You can join us in our office spaces and get advantage of various hardware and other perks.

Community & Skill sharing

Endless opportunities to grow with our diverse teams that are working on different projects.

Success stories

Explore projects which was borned in incubator and get some inspiration.

Kultura doma

The Kultura doma platform is freely accessible video platform to all who want to stream their cultural performances to the public, whether for free or for a fee. The portal has reached traffic of 30 000 visitors in first month and over 5 000 € turnover in first week after launch. Its focused on cultural events in Czechia.


The Flowbaba has been launched on beginning of May 2020 and since that is getting recognized in yoga and flow arts community. The CEO reached to us with his idea and we helped him to realize it. The Flowbaba team get already scaled up and various events and festivals are being regularly organized.