Pricing that fits your business

Whether you have an established travel business or are just starting, we have a plan that fits your needs.

Service Data Distribution

Spread your service across Siesta Cloud portals and manage your business from one place


Are you running a hotel and want to offer your customers more services? We have a plan for you!

Cultural Event

Do you stage an event? You can spread a word about it and sell tickets on multiple portals without much effort!

Travel Activity

Do you host experiences for tourists? Increase your adventure business with Siesta Cloud!

Blockchain Pioneer
Hotel or Travel Activity service
20$/ month per service
  • Data Hosting
  • Price & Availability Management
  • Winding Tree Connection
Hotel or Travel Activity service
5-15%*/ reservation
  • Everything in Blockchain Pioneer
  • Reservation Management
  • Siesta Cloud Portal Appearance
  • Siesta Extranet Connection
  • ICAL Sync
  • API

Travel Portal Hosting

Travel Agency

Travel agencies can quickly tailor offers directly to their clients.

Maximum 10 Services
20$/ month
  • Custom Domain
  • Design & Layout Customization
  • 3rd Party Services
100 + Reservations
3-10%*/ reservation
  • Everything in Spark
  • Winding Tree Connection
  • API
  • Affiliate Program
Custom features & pricing
  • Everything in Business
  • Custom Features
There is no setup fee, register now!

Just some of the many advantages

High Customization

Add your branding, images, offers, and personal touches to your travel portal and instantly upgrade your business.

Fully Automated

Don't worry about building and maintaining a website. Siesta Cloud has you covered.


Our team has already innovated the travel-accommodation industry and now we are making our mark on tourism with Siesta Cloud.

Multilingual & Multicurrency

We host many different languages and currencies, so you can conduct your business without worrying about converting.