Kultura doma

The Kultura doma platform is freely accessible video platform to all who want to stream their cultural performances to the public, whether for free or for a fee. The portal has reached traffic of 30 000 visitors in first month and over 5 000 € turnover in first week after launch. Its focused on cultural events in Czechia.



The Flowbaba has been launched on beginning of May 2020 and since that is getting recognized in yoga and flow arts community. The CEO reached to us with his idea and we helped him to realize it. The Flowbaba team get already scaled up and various events and festivals are being regularly organized.

Premi Voxpot

Premi Voxpot is an online journalist channel that focuses on the topics that lack media coverage despite their impact on lives and public debate in the Czech Republic.


Pivní Hotel

Pivní Hotel is a regional travel portal that offers a combination of hotel services and wellness in a unique Beer Hotel in small town Nepomuk in the Czech Republic.

Prague Stay

Prague Stay is a regional travel portal which offers a unique selection of hotels and serviced apartments in the centre of Prague.

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Hotelnaut is an e-learning platform for hotel & hospitality industry. Rise up your skills and use up-to-date tactics & business tactics by watching video workshops.


Lístkárna is a smart tool for selling tickets online. Easy administration, fair provision and modern look makes your audience bigger, whether you are club, theatre, festival, or promoter.

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