We’ve Launched a New Product – Video P...

Siesta Cloud is coming up with another innovative project in the field of shared digital technology, which continues to stick to the essential vision - to provide an accessible platform to clients from various industries and help them bring their project to life. Siesta Cloud's mission is to continually improve digital products to help communities

How Travel Influencers Can Help Grow Your Brand

Social media has taken over the internet and our lives. Constant vibrations and notifications fill our phones and with a few clicks, we can be updated on the lives of our friends and others from all over the world. Travelers have begun to fill our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feed with astonishing photos of places

Siesta Cloud — Explainer Video

It's not easy to explain how a complex product works, especially when it has many features. That's why we decide to put together a short video explainer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2wVUgoGzsg