Travel Portals

Manage a travel portal, sell services in your area and make a profit

Distributed Management

Don't worry about maintaining services! That is a service provider's job. You will manage only your portal and promotion.

Deserved Profit

Portal Admins receive a fee for every travel service that is sold on their portal.

Minimal investment costs

Building your own portal is expensive. With our solution, you can be competition to AirBnB or Booking.com without any big investment.

Money Management

Automatic money management will distribute every payment between you and other involved parties.

Free updates

We will be continuously updating and improving Siesta Cloud for free!

Functionality on demand

If you are missing any functionality on Siesta Cloud, you can contact us and we will put it on our TO DO list right away!

Travel Portal Features

Homepage Example


A quick search for accommodation and services that fit your needs. Select and promote featured categories and services. Easily customizable - add your colors, your pictures, and your logo.


One place to find all offers in your portal. Tourists can set filters and search for exactly what they are interested in. Visitors can use the map to discover new services and attractions.

Search Example
Service Detail Example

Service Detail

Service providers manage services so you can focus on building your portal's brand. Act as both a portal owner and a service provider, benefiting from external services sold, and promoting your own offers

Is Siesta Cloud right for my business?

More Siesta Cloud Portal advantages

High Customization

Add your branding, images, offers, and personal touches to your travel portal and instantly upgrade your business.

Fully Automated

Don't worry about building and maintaining a website. Siesta Cloud has you covered.


Our team has already innovated the travel-accommodation industry and now we are making our mark on tourism with Siesta Cloud.

Multilingual & Multicurrency

We host many different languages and currencies, so you can conduct your business without worrying about converting.