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We are building easy-to-use software toolkits, expertise, and a legal framework to help regional and niche communities to connect and grow their customer-base.


Technologies have enabled various transformations across all industries, including travel and accommodation. However, monopolies in hospitality dictate the rules and demand unreasonable fees. We are building a robust infrastructure to help businesses connect and grow. Similarly to how blockchain is transforming the world of cryptocurrencies, we expect a similar transformation in travel and accommodation. We are confident that a user-friendly platform utilizing blockchain will be the catalyst needed to liberate the industry.

Support Communities

We want to help various communities by providing easy-to-use tools to focus on advancing their core business goals, and not waste time with software development.


Centralization leads to high fees, lack of innovation and closed data. We believe, that decentralized services are more versatile. Not only because it creates natural competition, which brings lower costs to the consumer, but also has a positive effect on innovation, and brings service diversity.


We don't just want to help our clients, we want them to be profitable. As a crowdfunded project, we provide opportunities to anyone who wants to invest or use their skills.


We will gather feedback from our communities to develop new features and methodologies. We want to bring the future closer for our customers. We bring many years of innovation that will positively shape the hospitality industry.

Implementing blockchain

For each blockchain project, there are two key points: To make it profitable and to expand our customer-base. We are cooperating with our partners on blockchain research and development to reach our vision.


The world is rapidly evolving and it's hard to keep track of all the trends. One of our goals is to educate our clients in accommodation, travel, blockchain and associated technologies. We want to liberate our clients from legacy systems and inefficient methodologies.

Stay up to date


We working on following projects

Accommodation Portal Generator

We want to offer simple solutions to those who want to run their own distribution channels, but lack the development means. Creating the portal takes just a few steps; Using the predefined template; entering the required data; and importing the portfolio of hotels. There is no need to understanding blockchain or coding. To avoid similarity between client portals, the generator allows for the creation of customizable attributes for each market.

Service Market Generator

The service market generator brings new customers via promotions. Cooperating with local hoteliers will ensure a stable flow of business opportunities. Not having to develop a custom market for every specific region will save time and money. This generator is also easy-to-use and does not require coding or blockchain knowledge.

Regional Branches

Building an ecosystem connecting hoteliers, service providers and customers is not an easy task for remote operators. Knowledge of the local language and culture is crucial for creating a successful service. We have already succeeded in creating local branches, which became profitable after one year.


A glimpse into the future

  • Idea & planning Q1 2018
    Brainstorming ideas and roadmap planning
  • Project setup Q2 2018
    Adel funding campaign and partnerships negotiation
  • Research & development Q3 2018
    Prototyping blockchain solution. Developing accommodation and service market generators.
  • 1st Service market launch Q4 2018
    Launching first service market in regional branch for pre-ordered clients. Generating first profit.
  • 1st Accomodation portal launch Q1 2019
    Launching first accommodation market for pre-ordered clients.
  • Promotion & expansion Q2 2019
    Promoting Siesta Cloud generators, openning more regional braches, developing new features and searching for more partners.
  • Blockchain implementation Q3 2019
    Implementing blockchain protocol

Join us

We are looking for interested people to join this project !


We want to simplify the travel industry using modern technologies. Help us to connect a) people with their interests b) vendors with demand c) places with life, and d) Investment with profit.


Do you want to join a new era in hospitality services? Work with local companies and help them invite people from lands far away. Let‘s change the industry together.


Take a your next step in your career as a coder and join the evolution. Work with blockchain and be part of something exciting and challenging.

Create the Accommodation Portal

Do you know a place that is so unique, but no one knows about it? Do you want people to have the opportunity to visit such places? Create a platform that connects special accommodations with special people.

Create a Service Market

Recognize opportunities in niche markets and access local vendor inventory. Create a Customer2Provider platform without an intermediary. Create a virtual marketplace with real-world services.

Open a Regional Branch

Be a part of our vision. Become a successful member of our network. Change the way people around you work and think about hospitality opportunities. We know how and you know where. Join us.

Regional branch: Český Krumlov - CZ

Statistics from recently opened branch in UNESCO protected cities

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We are formed by biggest experts in blockchain, travel and accommodation

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