Launch your custom branded video portal

You can have your own TV on your domain. For example, tv.yourtheatre.com. You can upload your videos or your partners to upload theirs and sell tickets. For the viewers, these are unique features would mean better access to your current events. At the same time, it would allow you to simply collect admission fees for performances, events, or workshops.

Online tickets

For each event, the content provider can decided what will be the pricing model.  Based on this settings the events will be sold. Howevery even for free video the users has to enter email, thanks to that you generate database of emails for future remarketing.

  • Free
  • Donation
  • Fixed price

Main features

The video portal offer many features. Combined together they offer unique place for the content creators or monetization of your own video content.

Live stream

In a few clicks you can live stream from any devices via an open-source live-stream software.

Video upload

Upload all the media content to the portal. For the best audience experience, the different quality of video will be available on the portal.


The video content will be protected by the latest technologies, where the video won't be shared or used by anyone.


More videos can be gathered to one series of combined products, these features are essential for workshops and educational classes.

User profiles

The portal users can create their own profiles and organize their favorite videos.

Live chat

The users can easily interact with content creators or directly with the administrator of the portal.


Choose a platform with features suiting exactly what you need. Compare, decide and start your portal now.


Siesta Cloud

5 - 20% / income


$0 - 12 / month


5 - 12% / income

Custom domain & Portal
Crowdsourcing Content
Buy Ticket
Live Streaming
Video Upload
Live Chat
User Profiles
Multilingual Version
VR + 360 Live-stream

Explore the 360

With affordable 360 video camera you can create amazing videos and publish them on video portal too. This new experience is very exiciting, especialy in VR.

VR ready

The video is available in VR and combined with 360 video you can easily offer unforgettable experience!

Success Stories

Several video portals are already operational and growing.

Kultura doma

The Kultura doma platform is freely accessible video platform to all who want to stream their cultural performances to the public, whether for free or for a fee. The portal has reached traffic of 30,000 visitors in first month and over 5,000 € turnover in first week after launch. It's focused on cultural events in Czechia.



The Flowbaba has been launched on beginning of May 2020 and since that is getting recognized in yoga and flow arts community. The CEO reached to us with his idea and we helped him to realize it. The Flowbaba team get already scaled up and various events and festivals are being regularly organized.


Voxpot is an online journalist channel that focuses on the topics that lack media coverage despite their impact on lives and public debate in the Czech Republic.