Siesta Cloud introduces Ticket portal, product for 21. century

Do you organize a public event with ticket sales? Do you run a cinema, theatre or any other space with cultural program? You might be interested in a brand new platform for selling tickets from Siesta Cloud. The Ticket portal is a response to the need to sell tickets easily and quickly in one place under own brand and with a very low commision.

The advantages of online ticket sales

Operators of clubs, discos, theaters and other cultural venues who started selling tickets online, report up to third more attendance at their events. Spectators who have tickets purchased online are more motivated to attend the event than those who leave the ticket purchase at the venue of performance at the box office. At the same time, as the ticket seller, you save time and money when you don’t have to print tickets. Ticket sales are not affected by your working hours. Your customers are online, which increase the possibility of selling higher amount of tickets. Thanks to online tickets sales, you have the opportunity to gain valuable marketing insights to use when organizing another events and targeting customers.

Why use online ticket sales for your events?

  1. Ticket sales. The actual ticket sales to your guests online.
  2. QR code on the ticket. Each ticket is marked with a unique QR code, which is needed to use contactlessly to enter the event.
  3. Admission system. You can decide by yourself what price to assign on your ticket. Whether your event is for free, in the form of contribution, or for a fixed amount.
Siesta Cloud takes the next step to help promising projects, associations or communities to facilitate the organization in their efforts.
  1. It is affordable. Only 4% commision on the ticket sold
  2. Quick and easy administration of your content. You don’t have to wait a days for a worker to make complicated adjustment to the date of your scheduled event. Change it yourself in a few seconds.
  3. Ticket sales under your own brand. You sell tickets under your name, so customers can always find you.

If you plan to organize festival, popcorn party at your disco club, or a travel lecture in a café nearby, take a chance and sell tickets through the ticket portal from Siesta Cloud. There is nothing easier than trying. You can find more information on the here or directly book a demo version.


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