Reach Your Audience via Email Marketing

Create, manage, and track your email marketing activities to boost your growth.

Structure Audiences

Structure your audience lists and keep them informed.

Set up Automations

Set up automations and simplify your workflow.

Create Campaigns

Create engaging email campaigns to retain your audience.

Send Wisely

In order to keep your current customers, improve the quality of your campaigns by creating personalized content.

Analyse Results

Reduce guesswork and make email campaigns better over time by using analytical tools.

Offer More

Try to differentiate yourself from the typical email campaigns of your competitors to get better results.

First Email Marketing Steps

Use proffesional email marketing tool

First step is setting up your account via MailChimp or simmilar marketing automation platform and an email marketing service that will help you create email campaigns easily.

Customer list

The second step is aggregation of the data from website or other channels. Collect your email database and upload it to the email marketing service of your choice. Once you get people to sign up for your email database, you usually have signed true supporters and fans of your work.

Customized email content​

The third step is creating quality and engaging email content, attract and maintain the valuable audiences to your website. Create engaging video, podcast, blog post content. Keep in mind that your content shall bring value and lead to next step with the Call-to-action (CTA) button.

Connect and analyse

Take all the data for the metrics you focus on, which most commonly are represented by clickstream metrics, such as open rate, CTR, and bounce rate. Experiment with the content and learn about you audience needs.