We are happy to announce our partnership with Nomadic6 that will be one of the first portals launched on Siesta Cloud. In this article, Matthew Young, CEO & Co-Founder at Nomadic6 , will share with us his thoughts about the upcoming changes in the travel industry and how the technology changed the game.

1. What inspired you to launch the Nomadic6? What is the story behind that you would like to share with us?

I’d been nomading for about a year when I first heard about these travel groups like Remote Year, and thought, what a great idea! However, 12 countries in 12 months seemed rather daunting, and I was more accustomed to the slow style, spending 2–3 months in one location. So why not design a program that hit 6 countries a year? Hence the origin of the name Nomadic6.

Our totem, the buffalo, was always a favorite of mine and has great ties to the Native Americans I was obsessed with as a boy. Another nomadic species, it was the very essence of life, and others like it drove our evolution as we spread across the globe. Today, we are Digital Nomads, following migratory paths across continents for the same reason as our ancestors; to find resources to survive! 3 years later, N6 is a network of co-spaces that provide, co-living, coworking, and a community for other digital nomads looking for more than just a place to sleep, but a place to grow personally and professionally.

2. Could you describe the vision of Nomadic6 in one sentence?

To become the world’s most loved hub for digital nomads.

3. What is the basis of your business model at this moment?

We really like the number 6…and created the 6 pillars that every house must embody to be N6 approved:

1. Coliving Infrastructure. At our base, we provide a comfortable living for all nomads and all budgets. from shared bunk style dorms to private executive suites, all levels of income are welcome.

2. Coworking Facility Infrastructure. Our coworking space features state of the art amenities including ergonomic chairs, sufficient power, high-speed fiber-optic wifi and of course, air conditioning.

3. Community Management Team for Our Guests. The heart of our co-space is a vibrant and active community. Weekly events and outings will give our guests the opportunity to explore their surroundings and engage with their fellow residents.

4. Self-development Programs. We want our guests to leave our space knowing that they’ve grown in some way. Whether it’s meditation or a new trade, our programs are designed for self-development.

5. Partnerships. In addition to our onsite restaurants operated by some of the best F&B directors, we seek to work with other co-living properties, travel groups, and remote businesses to best serve our network.

6. Conscious and Eco-friendly Initiatives. N6 has pledged to reach a carbon negative impact on our planet, ensuring that everything we do benefits the environment around us.

4. What are the main pain points of your customers and how do you want to solve them?

As a nomad, there are several key things you need in order to survive. Primarily strong wifi. Let’s call this the bottom of the nomad hierarchy of needs. Next comes food and shelter. We try to provide much more than the basics, but a safe, comfortable environment to live in with great onsite restaurants. Then, a sense of belonging. This is the community we nurture and actively invite our members to participate in. Connections are made, inspiration sparks, new friendships, partnerships, it’s the icing on the cake. And the cherry on top? We want residents to reach the peak and become all they possibly can be. The best version of themselves, or self-actualization.

5. Do you offer any additional services to your community? Which channels do you use in order to promote them?

There’s quite a list. Onsite yoga programs, company retreats, skill-building workshops, seminars, visa help…we have a lot going on all year and will offer them all through Siesta’s amazing portal. (thanks guys) Otherwise, you can always check our facebook page for an updated calendar.

6. What is the most challenging part of your business?

Another list! Infrastructure, operations, software, accounting, laws in a foreign land, all the wonderful things a new business needs to figure out. But what really keeps us moving is a lot of experience in hospitality from our team. My partners come from careers in human resources, concierge, operations, and food and beverage at 5-star level resorts. They settle for nothing short of perfection. We are not taking this lightly, it is a hospitality business. And I realize that the team we have is invaluable and going to be what really makes this thing take off. Expect nothing short of WOW!

7. What are the key aspects of keeping up with your community growth?

It’s the one on one engagement. As crazy as it sounds, my goal is to connect with every guest, on some level, so that I can ensure they are getting what they need to thrive. Obviously, short term stays will make this difficult, and thusly we encourage people to give us at least a week. This provides us both time to see if N6 can get you where you want to go. If it goes well, we should see our guests telling others that we are who we say we are. Word of mouth is king in the nomad community.

8. How do you see the digital nomad travel portal in the future?

If everything goes according to plan, we hope that N6 will sit at the center of every nomad’s planning. With countless activities, events, locations, and more, a visitor should be able to identify exactly what house they want to visit and have a high level of expectations as to what they will learn and what they will participate in before they arrive. Only good surprises, and memorable experiences. We’re taking travel to the next level, and see that we are all seeking experiences rather than instagrammable moments on the beach, though we have that too.

9. Could you expand the sustainable part of your business? What is the eco-friendliness of the business?

If each pillar is a department, this one will need the most love. We’re already doing basic things like no single-use plastics, and opt for paper straws and take away containers. Water refill stations are readily available. We use a rain collection system for all our plumbing and water needs. And the pool at one of our properties is totally fresh and has no chemicals. Next on our list is a solar panel electric system, community gardens, and more involvement in the local preservation of Thailand’s beautiful ecosystem in the oceans and on land. We also plan to award the most “earth-friendly” projects in the house once a month to encourage more eco nomads to stay with us and develop.

10. What are other tech tools you would like to implement in your business in order to become more innovative and effective, most importantly, to lead your niche market?

Siesta gives us wings to fly amongst the clouds! Really, the exposure we have through the extranet keeps us alive and I am more than pumped for the portals. But there’s more behind us, like a great point of sales system by Liberty Computers that integrated with Siesta. One thing we’re on the hunt for is a better way to keep our community connected. Facebook groups are ok, slack works a bit, but we may need something more specific to really engage with our community.

11. Do you plan your business expansion? or you prefer the local approach?

We are nomads! To be local for too long would be against our nature. We’re already looking towards Chiang Mai by next year, and Bali certainly has our attention. I won’t reveal the total growth plan, but nomads like a lot of cities, we want to be in them all.

12. What is the most charming about Koh Phangan Island, Thailand?

You should read my article 6 points for choosing a nomad friendly city. I keep a checklist and score each town based on some simple criteria; affordability, remote work-ready, public transportation, vibrant local culture, international diversity, and proximity to nature. KPG scores 5 out of 6. For me, I used to daydream about living on an island while sitting in my office. Here I can say I’m living my dream.

13. What are your 3 most favorite books?

Good one! The True Believer, by Eric Hoffer. All about mass movements and people’s joint psyches. The Moral Animal by Robert Wright. It covers evolutionary psychology. And my new favorite. If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him! By Sheldon B. Kopp, a collection of experiences and lessons from a very wise psychiatrist. Obviously, I enjoy reading about psychology.

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